PIP Blockchain

In this project, I collaborated with an early-stage startup to assist them in preparing for funding. Alongside UI/UX Design, I also worked on other materials such as the presentation content. The mission of the Philanthropic Impact Protocol (“PIP”) is to bring trust, transparency, and measurement to the global Impact Economy. The current approach to campaign execution in the Impact Economy is failing due to inefficiency, opacity, and fraud, which hinders significant donor commitments to change-oriented projects.

During discussions with Josh from Vital, I gained insights into the current state of the Impact Economy. We identified two types of users: Donors, who solely donate money, and Action Takers, who perform tasks and receive tokens. We also developed the information architecture and determined the minimum viable product (MVP) for the pitch deck.


To test the flow, I created quick wireframes and conducted usability tests with the founder. At this stage, we finalized the content and proceeded to create the user interface.

When designing the UI, the founder and I collaborated through multiple iterations until we were satisfied with the information and visuals. The most challenging part was designing the Campaign’s Page, which contained a significant amount of information. We aimed to simplify it and prioritize essential details.


Multiple iterations are crucial in UI/UX design to identify potential issues. Working with a remote team taught me the importance of flexibility, both in terms of adjusting working hours and remaining open to valuable ideas from teammates beyond the ideation phase.