Mailbutler Registration & Onboarding

Mailbutler is an add-on for your email inbox that enhances your email productivity. It is an essential tool for individuals and businesses alike who want to streamline their email communication process.


We identified a problem when we noticed that many users had not logged in to Mailbutler and had never used it. As a business goal, we want these users to try the product and eventually convert them into subscribing customers. As a user goal, I want to give these users a seamless experience in using the product.


After examining the metrics, I discovered that the majority of passive users were Outlook users. To gain a better understanding of the situation, I tested the current user journey for Outlook and used the results to map out a more effective journey. This involved sending survey emails and testing the usability of the flow to gather insights.

My UX approach for this project is to gain a deep understanding of the users through research, organizing information, and visual design. The ultimate goal is to meet user needs and create a visually appealing product. This approach involves placing users at the center of the design and development process and establishing an iterative cycle of research, design, and evaluation.


After implementing the redesigned registration page, we aim to see a significant improvement in user engagement and activation. Specifically, our goal is to increase the number of users who complete the registration process and log in to the platform within 1 day after registration by 20%.

By achieving this outcome, we anticipate a higher adoption rate of Mailbutler among new users, leading to increased usage and ultimately higher conversion rates. With a seamless and user-friendly registration experience, we aim to capture the attention and interest of potential users, encouraging them to fully explore the features and benefits of Mailbutler.

Through continuous monitoring and analysis of user data, we will track the success of the redesign and make any necessary adjustments to further optimize the registration process. Our ultimate objective is to establish Mailbutler as an indispensable tool for email productivity, with a strong base of active and engaged users.