BitPesa is a bitcoin exchange platform operating in multiple African countries. Over the years, it has grown significantly and become a prominent player in the region. To improve the platform’s usability and attract more users, I worked on identifying key issues and developing innovative solutions. Through extensive research, I streamlined the trading process, enhanced security protocols, and introduced new features for customization and flexibility. The goal was to increase user engagement, satisfaction, and trading volume in Africa.


To achieve this goal, I conducted thorough research using various methods, including user interviews, surveys, and analytics. I gathered insights from users and internal teams, such as Finance and Customer Service, to understand their needs and concerns. This research helped me build personas, user flows, and identify emerging patterns. It revealed that many Africans rely on mobile devices for money transactions and that blockchain technology offers advantages in terms of speed and accessibility. However, challenges such as account verification and lack of familiarity with the platform hindered user adoption.

Based on these findings, I developed a strategy to improve the user experience. I focused on two key flows: implementing a feature to provide detailed transaction information and status updates, and streamlining the transaction process for efficiency. Additionally, I addressed the lack of feedback by redesigning the dashboard, making exchange rates easily accessible, and incorporating gamification elements. Through iterations and usability testing, I refined the design to reduce clicks, simplify the interface, and provide clear feedback to users.


The interface of the BitPesa platform was designed to be professional-looking yet user-friendly. A dark monotone visual with an emphasis on clarity was chosen to create a visually appealing and intuitive experience. Design guidelines were defined to ensure consistency throughout the platform. Prototyping and user testing validated the design decisions and led to improvements in usability. The interface provided a seamless trading experience, making it easy for users to navigate and accomplish their goals.

Throughout the project, I expanded the research to include insights from both B2B and B2C users. Additional research highlighted challenges faced by B2C users, such as product selection and lack of clear information. This broader understanding informed the overall user research strategy and resulted in a better user experience for all users. Testing the prototype and refining the design based on user feedback further enhanced the usability of the platform.


The success of the project demonstrated the importance of user-centered design and thorough research. By understanding user needs and pain points, we were able to create a solution that exceeded their expectations. The improvements made to the BitPesa platform led to increased user engagement, satisfaction, and trading volume. This project also raised awareness of the impact technology can have on improving lives in developing countries. Overall, it was a valuable learning experience, and I am proud to have contributed to the growth of BitPesa in Africa.