BitPesa Finance

As a side-project, I created a platform for the BitPesa Finance Team to improve their workflow.

Persona and User Journey

As the main designer, my focus was on the interface, ensuring that it captured all the necessary information required by the Finance team to streamline their processes.

We created BitPesa Finance, an accounting solution to automate the Finance team’s processes. The project was initially outsourced, and the team we worked with had already created wireframes and UX documentation to start with.

The Finance team used to manually calculate everything using Excel sheets, which was a tedious and slow process, leading to report delays. Thus, they requested a product that would automate the process for them.

Since this was an internal project, most communication, and planning happened with the Finance team. We started with the Discovery phase, where we talked with the Finance Manager about the difficulties they faced in accounting. After gathering enough data, we analyzed their needs and came up with a product that would meet their requirements.

We then proceeded to sketch wireframes while simultaneously reviewing them with the Finance team. Once the desired features were decided, we created prototypes for the MVP. Although the prototypes were finished, the project was pushed to work on BFX instead.