• Protected: Natural Elements Redesign

    Protected: Natural Elements Redesign

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  • Mailbutler Registration & Onboarding

    Mailbutler Registration & Onboarding

    Mailbutler is an add-on for your email inbox that enhances your email productivity. It is an essential tool for individuals and businesses alike who want to streamline their email communication process. Goal We identified a problem when we noticed that many users had not logged in to Mailbutler and had never used it. As a…

  • Cheers OAPE

    Cheers OAPE

    Cheers OAPE, the official app of Stanford’s Office of Alcohol Policy and Education, provides you with tools to drink safely and responsibly on the farm. The focus of this project was to create a superb mobile experience for its users. The app had to be extremely easy to use when drinking. The app keeps track…

  • 3 Essential Elements of a Landing Page

    3 Essential Elements of a Landing Page

    Creating a standout landing page is essential for business, particularly when launching a new product or service. In this case, we’ll focus on the Undo Send application, which is a standalone app now offered for free. To ensure that our landing page is effective, there are three essential elements that we should consider. These elements…

  • Producing an interactive prototype with Protopie

    Producing an interactive prototype with Protopie

    As a designer, I’ve gone through several prototyping tools over the years. I remember using Adobe Illustrator to create prototypes back in the day when I was a Windows user and couldn’t use Sketch. When I was finally given a new MacBook to work on in 2017, I was excited to finally try Sketch. At…

  • AI-powered Image Generation Tool

    AI-powered Image Generation Tool

    In May 2019, I participated in a hackathon called “Blockathon de la Musique” and was teamed up with four awesome people. Together, we came up with the idea of “Artelligence,” which uses AI to create images that can be used as album covers to help musicians. The tool uses a GAN model (GANgogh) to create…

  • BitPesa Finance

    BitPesa Finance

    As a side-project, I created a platform for the BitPesa Finance Team to improve their workflow. As the main designer, my focus was on the interface, ensuring that it captured all the necessary information required by the Finance team to streamline their processes. We created BitPesa Finance, an accounting solution to automate the Finance team’s…

  • Mailbutler Pricing Page

    Mailbutler Pricing Page

    The project was to remake Mailbutler’s Pricing page to make it easier to use and encourage more sign-ups. After the changes, the numbers improved a lot. Fewer users left the page without doing anything (20% less), and more users clicked to look at the subscription plans (15% more). More people signed up, which showed that…

  • PIP Blockchain

    PIP Blockchain

    In this project, I collaborated with an early-stage startup to assist them in preparing for funding. Alongside UI/UX Design, I also worked on other materials such as the presentation content. The mission of the Philanthropic Impact Protocol (“PIP”) is to bring trust, transparency, and measurement to the global Impact Economy. The current approach to campaign…

  • BitPesa


    BitPesa is a bitcoin exchange platform operating in multiple African countries. Over the years, it has grown significantly and become a prominent player in the region. To improve the platform’s usability and attract more users, I worked on identifying key issues and developing innovative solutions. Through extensive research, I streamlined the trading process, enhanced security…